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Office 365

Microsoft today announced a raft of new Office 365 plans for smaller businesses that will eventually supplant its extant offerings.

The moves are customer-friendly because we are in a period of intense competition. Microsoft wants to bring people in from the cold of their past multi-year software buying cycles, while also shepherding smaller companies and businesses into its fold by selling them Office as a service at moderate price points.

Google, Apple, Dropbox and Box want that same action. Far more than a trillion dollars in market cap is fighting for the right to store your files, and help you edit them. Those firms would very much prefer if Office 365 were a flop.

Here are the Plans, via Microsoft:

Plan Contents
Business Essentials Exchange , SharePoint , One Drive for Business, Yammer , Lync , Office Online
Business MS Office Standard + One Drive for Business with 1 Terabyte Cloud Storage
Business Premium Business Essentials + MS Office

Microsoft recently increased the amount of cloud storage that it staples to Office 365 accounts to 1 terabyte across the service, bringing more capacity to anyone who pays for Office.

Office 365 is becoming Microsoft’s Amazon Prime: A solution you pay for yearly that contains a kitchen-sink-like quantity of this and that. Microsoft, like Amazon, isn’t afraid of mixing in a slurry of services. If only Office 365 were as aptly named as Prime.

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